The Ryan Klesko Webring

There aren't really too many rules for joining the Ryan Klesko Webring:

You have to have a site dedicated to Ryan Klesko, or a Ryan page somewhere on your site. That's about it, I'm not too picky about the sites I let join the ring. But please have some kind of content on your site, okay? It doesn't have to be like my site and include a discussion list, message board, and webring, but it needs to have more than a teeny little bio and a picture.

A few Braves fans have emailed me since Ryan was traded, asking if their sites could still be in the ring now that he's a Padre. If you have a Ryan page on your site, you're welcome to join the ring, regardless of what team he's playing for! (And yes, I'm going to change the webring graphic as soon as I find a picture I like of him in his Padres uni.)

If you would like to join the Ryan Klesko Webring, please fill out the form located

Existing members click here to edit your site info.

If you have any questions or problems, please email me.

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