Here are links to my Atlanta Braves pages:

Andrea's Ryan Klesko Page
Andrea's Javy Lopez Page
Andrea's Tom Glavine Page
Andrea's Andres Galarraga Page

(One little note: I'm redoing all of my Braves-related pages right now. It'll take a while to finish, so please excuse all the dust on the floor!)

The Ryan Klesko Discussion List: The RDKL finally has a homepage. Find out what it's all about and meet some of the subscribers!
The Ryan Klesko Webring: I created a webring for my favorite player. Mention Ryan in some way on your site? Join the webring!

And here are some other great Braves links I've found:

Xtreme Andruw Jones: Guess which Brave this site is dedicated to :-) You can subscribe to the Andruw Advisor here.
The Official Website of the Atlanta Braves: No description needed. (I probably didn't need to list this since every Braves fan should already know about it :-)
The Bravos Web: I think this is the most complete Atlanta Braves site out there.
Dabird's BravesNet: Another one of the best Braves sites around.
Jason's Braves Town: This is one of my favorite Atlanta Braves pages. It has one of the largest lists of Braves links I've seen.
J & J's Place: A personal homepage, but the Braves collages are definitely worth seeing!
Rachael's Atlanta Braves Everything Site: Be sure to check out the pic of Ryan Klesko on a John Deere!
Braves Belles Seventh Inning Stretch: This site has GREAT Braves pics.
The Bballplayers List: Not limited to Braves fans, but many of us are.
ChopTalk: Subscribe to the Official Monthly Magazine of the National League East Champion Atlanta Braves
Baseball Webrings: See the baseball-related webrings I have joined!

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Welcome to Andrea's Atlanta Braves Page!

The Atlanta Braves are my favorite baseball team, if you hadn't already figured that out. I am in the midst of creating individual pages for each of the Atlanta Braves, even though I only have pages for four of them right now. Come back soon because I will continue adding more Braves pages! Each of the pages will contain player bios, pictures, and links to some of my favorite player sites. Some will even have little "extras" :-)

I now have a message board! It was originally intended to be for Ryan Klesko, but anything about the Braves is welcome. Click here to visit!

Atlanta Braves Picture of the Week
(or when I remember to change it :-)

Braves win!! Congrats to the Braves for winning the NLCS! I think this pic captures the excitement the Braves and their fans felt when they earned the trip to the World Series. Yes, the Braves got swept by the Yankees in the World Series, but congratulations to the Braves for overcoming all the obstacles in their way this season just to get to the World Series. The Braves are still the "Team of the 90's" to their fans.

Yes, I know I have a guestbook on my main page, but I just added one to this page as well. I've joined several baseball webrings and I figure some people will visit my Braves pages without visiting my main page, so I put a guestbook here as well. Please be sure to sign at least one of them!

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