Links, Links, and More Links

During my travels through cyberspace, I have run across many interesting sites. I've included a few here that you might like to visit. Some of them are funny, some of them make you think, some are actually useful, and some of them are just plain weird. If you have any favorite links that you think should be included here, please email me and if I like it I'll add a link.

***I know there aren't a lot of links yet. Be patient, I just started this page a few days ago. I'll get more links up here soon***

Animation Station: This is where I've gotten most of the backgrounds and images for my pages.

Breakup Girl: Just been dumped by the love of your life? Vowed to hate every member of the opposite sex forever? Go visit Breakup Girl.

Complaint Letter Generator: Really mad at someone but lousy at writing? Enter the necessary info and a scathing letter will be written for you.

The Death Clock: Morbid, yes. But worth checking out at least once.

The Dialectizer: Convert ordinary English into Redneck, Elmer Fudd, Cockney, and more.

Mail-A-Meal: Think one of your online friends is hungry? Send them a virtual meal, appetizer, drink, or desert.

Publicly Accessible Mailing Lists: Looking for a mailing list or two to join? This is a very throrough list of them.

The Sugar Packet Page O Wisdom: Sort of an online fortune cookie except, well, it's a sugar packet instead.

Technosphere: At Technosphere, you can "create" creatures that live, hunt for food, mate, fight, and eventually die. It's free and I have created several critters there.

The Virtual Snack Machine: So you sent someone a meal and realized you're hungry yourself. Stop by here and get something to munch on.

Okay, it looks like most of these links fall into the "interesting" and "weird" categories. I'll try to find some that are useful and/or funny and/or make you think and I'll add them ASAP.

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