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Enjoy some of my favorite pictures of Mr. Lopez:

This is my favorite picture of Javy--he was actually almost hit by a baseball bat when the pic was taken, but I think it looks like he's about to sing the Star-Spangled Banner or about to open a surprise gift ("For me? Oh, you really shouldn't have!")

Wanna dance? :-)

Javy and Ryan in the same picture--perfect!

He's out!

He's out again!

He's still out! (Sorry, I love these pics :-)

All pictures on this page were obtained from the Internet and I have included links on my site to the individual pages these pictures are from. I'm not making any money off of these pics and they're just here for Braves fans to look at and no copyright infringement is intended, blah blah blah ... But if you are the owner of these pics and you don't want me to use them on my page, please email me and we can work it out. Thanks!!

Javy fans have been here.

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