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Welcome to My Little Piece of Cyberspace!

Hi, and welcome to my first attempt at a webpage! I have no idea what I'm doing, so it'll probably look pretty weird for awhile until I get everything figured out. This page is going to be dedicated to 3 of my little (okay, they're pretty big) obsessions:

The Atlanta Braves

Country Music

and Horse Racing

I hope you have as much fun reading my page as I am having trying to build it. Please come back and visit often, because as I learn more I'm going to improve it. And be sure to sign my guestbook!

Please visit my pages dedicated to those little obsessions:

Andrea's Atlanta Braves Page: My tribute to the Atlanta Braves; includes links to my player pages that are under construction
Andrea's Country Music Page: A page dedicated to some of my favorite singers; includes links to my artist pages that are under construction
Andrea's Horse Racing Page: A site dedicated to the great sport of horse racing

This doesn't qualify as an obsession yet, but here's a link to my newest page:
Andrea's Ben Grieve Page: Ben is another of my favorite baseball players, and he deserves his own page!

If you've read this far, you're probably wondering who I am. I generally dislike all of those "All About Me" pages with baby pictures and pics of your pet hamster you had when you were 8. So I'll just include a sentence or two. I'm 22 and an MIS major at UAH--the University of Alabama in Huntsville. And you already know that I'm an Atlanta Braves fan, country is my favorite type of music, and that I love horse racing. I guess that's basically me :-)

Okay, my site is pretty new. Please take pity on me and sign my guestbook :-)

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