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Andrea's Disclaimer

I have gathered the pictures, information and links on my site from all over the Internet. I have included links to the sites where I have obtained these pictures and information. However, if I have taken anything off your site and you don't want me to use them just email me and they will be removed.

But please note this: The text, color schemes, etc. are my ideas/intellectual property and belong to me. Several of the pictures also belong to me. In addition, I created several of the backgrounds used on my pages as well, such as the ones on my Ryan Klesko page.

Please read this from Copyrights in Cyberspace "All works of original expression have at least one thing in common: they are protected by copyright as soon as they are created and fixed in a tangible medium. For the most part, once an expression is entered into a computer in a form that can be read on screen or routed to a printer, it is considered fixed in a tangible medium, even if it is never printed out or saved to a disk. A copyright notice -- that little followed by the year and the author's name -- is not required ... to remind people that the author claims a copyright.What does owning a copyright on an expression mean? Simply, that no one else can copy, distribute, display or adapt that expression without the copyright owner's consent."

You can not copy any of my pages and/or images I have specified as mine without prior consent from me. You will be reported. Thank you! I hate to be all nit-picky about this, but I had a problem recently with someone stealing my pages -- not just pictures or text, but literally everything. Pictures, text, ideas, fonts, color schemes, you name it he stole it. So I'd rather be safe than sorry from now on!

Okay, I guess I'll make this a little easier. Andrea's Little Piece of Cyberspace is Andrea Kepner, 1998-1999. That should work!