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Andrea's Baseball Page

I am a HUGE baseball fan and have several favorite players. Many of them are Atlanta Braves since they are my favorite team, but you can see them on my Braves page. This page is going to be dedicated to my favorite Boys of Summer from other teams.

I love to watch a home run leave the park, see a perfectly executed double play, and watch a great pitcher strike out the side. However, I am female, therefore I get to enjoy other aspects of the game such as baseball players wearing those nice baseball pants :-) Please don't give me any grief about having good-looking players on my page. Yes, the players here are considered good-looking but all of them are considered talented baseball players as well!

Here are some of my favorite players: (Click on their names to visit my pages)

Jeff Cirillo
Ben Grieve
Mike Mussina
Brady Anderson
Brad Ausmus
Nomar Garciaparra
Steve Finley
Jay Bell